About Dan

My name is Dan. Husband and father of two. There is a lot I could say about being a photographer for so many years, the places I've been, the journey I've had. But first and foremost I should probably get something out of the way, ahem.... photography, (are you ready?) is actually not my passion. There I said it, but before you jump on the 'back' button allow me to explain:

Photography for me is a tool that allows me to bring the real stuff in life to, well, reality. I find little importance in a photo unless it speaks to me about something more than the picture itself. As it turns out, I'm a philosopher and theologian first, and in a strange twist of life, I found that photography allowed me to clarify the wonder and awe of the world that engulfs us. The tradition of marriage goes so much deeper than the cake and flowers let on-- Indeed, the entire day stems upon the desire of man and woman to give themselves to each other entirely. There is certainly something passionate and revealing in that, and I hope to capture a glimpse of it.